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Grizzly River Run

Disney California Adventure Park

Grizzly Peak

Guests Must Be

42" (107 cm) or Taller

Age Interest

Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults

Single Rider Offered

Thrill Level

Small Drops, Thrill Rides, Water Rides, Spinning

Accessibility and Other Information - Opens Dialog


  • Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV


Rider Switch, FASTPASS

Guest Policies

  • WARNING! For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride.
  • The Single Rider option is available for Guests wishing to experience the attraction by themselves. Guests using the Single Rider option bypass the Stand-by queue, and may encounter a shorter wait time for the attraction.
  • Rider Switch offered.
  • Service animals may not accompany Guests on this attraction.
  • Wheelchair Access: Enter through the standard queue and proceed through the designated gate near the loading zone. If you have a Disney FASTPASS entitlement, enter the FASTPASS Return line. Proceed to the loading area and contact a Cast Member for boarding instructions. Guests must navigate steps when boarding and disembarking the raft.
  • Supervise children at all times.
    Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.

A thrilling whitewater raft adventure that takes you roaring down a California river in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The Eureka Gold and Lumber Co. building and mill wheel at the Grizzly River Run attraction

A Rafting Expedition in the Heart of California

Buckle up for an exciting free-floating river ride up, down and through Grizzly Peak. The Grizzly River Rafting Company has converted a former mining operation into a one-stop destination for thrill-seeking rafters—and you’re invited to join in the excitement.

Meander along a tranquil path brimming with towering pine trees and pass a series of age-old cliffs that reveal the fossilized remains of some of California’s Ice Age inhabitants. In the distance, a massive muzzle and snout that is the mountain’s summit comes into view: Grizzly Peak. Proceed over a rocky bridge flanked by a rushing waterfall and make your way inside a timber structure—the debarkation point for your wild river ride.

Adventure Awaits!
Hop inside a circular 8-person raft and drift along a lazy river, passing the rusty remnants of an old mining company. Rumble along a 275-foot-long conveyor belt as you begin your gradual ascent up the mountain, taking in scenic views of the surrounding area. At the top, splash down amid a foaming spring and then brace yourself for a treacherous descent down Grizzly River.

Bob up and down and gently spin almost out of control amid the raging current. Sail through a craggy mountain cavern and weave back and forth inside a howling mine shaft, as waves curl up and over the side of the raft. Forge ahead through a wooden sluice channel built by miners a century ago, and be engulfed by a massive water eruption as you plummet down what seems like a perilous bedrock slope. Ease your way back to base camp, but not before navigating waters overrun with gushing geysers.

Do you have what it takes to brave the mountain?

A Grizzly River Run raft full of Guests glides along sun-streaked water

The Legend of Oo-soo´-ma-te

The grizzly bear was the symbol of a land filled with mountain summits, giant trees and thundering waterfalls. According to early folklore, Grizzly Peak was once a giant bear named Oo-soo'-ma-te, whom A-ha-le the Coyote transformed into stone to watch over and protect the mountain.

Amid the raging water of the Grizzly River and the howling wind shooting through the rocky caves, the great bear's spirit can reportedly still be heard roaring at those who dare to intrude upon the sacred mountain. Consider yourself warned.

Grizzly River Run riders brace themselves as they get very wet

You May Get Wet!

You will surely get splashed on this attraction—and you may even get soaked. Grizzly River Run is a whitewater rapids attraction that features gurgling geysers, jetting water and a splashdown. Guests wishing to experience this attraction but remain dry for the remainder of the day are encouraged to bring a waterproof poncho, an extra pair of clothes or a towel to dry off. Souvenir rain ponchos are available for sale at the adjacent Rushin' River Outfitters shop.

Lockers are located next to the 20-foot tall grizzly bear statue that marks the entrance to Grizzly River Run. Be sure to store electronics or items that might be damaged by water. The lockers are available at no charge for the first 2 hours.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

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