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Games of the Boardwalk

Play these 4 games at Pixar Pier midway! As rides like California Screamin' roar overhead, test yourself or compete with others with these pay-per-play games for adorable prizes of all sizes at Games of the Boardwalk!

Goofy About Fishin'

When Goofy goes on vacation, nothing's peaceful — not even the fishing! Retreat to Lake Destiny, where the only thing Goofy has hooked is his own rubber wading pants. Dip your fishing rod into the flowing waters and let the magnetic "hook" snatch the snout of a colorful toy fish. Every fish is a winner! The color of the dot on its belly determines the size of the prize — small, medium or large!

Casey at the Bat

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Mudville nine that day, but maybe that's because you're the one with the perfect pitch! Based on the 1946 Disney animated short inspired by the 1888 poem, this game of great skill tests your ability to pitch the baseball at a target shaped like the opposing team's catchers. To win the prize, throw the ball through the opening in the catcher's mitt. You'll know you've won the prize when the umpire yells, "Steeeeerike!"

Dumbo Bucket Brigade

Save Dumbo and the circus from the flames by helping the clown firemen! Grab an old-fashioned water brigade cannon and squirt a steady stream of water at the target in the center of the bucket. As the water stream strikes the target, a cartoon clown climbs up, up, up the ladder to escape the flames! If your clown is the first to reach the top, you win the prize!

Bullseye Stallion Stampede

Race your stallion across the prairie in this skee ball-like game! Inspired by Bullseye, the faithful horse of Sheriff Woody in the Disney·Pixar Toy Story 2, this game is "all in the wrist." Sit at one end of the table and roll rubber balls into the right holes to make your horse run faster. The higher the point value of the hole, the faster your horse races. Be the first to cross the prairie and win a wonderful prize!

Any way you play it, the game's the thing at Paradise Pier's marvelous midway!

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