Silly Symphony Swings

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Silly Symphony Swings

Mickey's conducting and Donald's disrupting — until a tornado hits the orchestra! Swing through the air in your musical chair as Mickey's barnyard orchestra plays William Tell's "The Storm"!

The Swinging Sensation

When the tornado takes hold, your seat rises higher, the carnival top tilting this way and that to give you a unique view of Disney California Adventure Park. For a minute and a half, your feet dangle free as the swings fly through the air around the tower topped by the Maestro Mickey himself! Scenes from the short painted on the ride's tower transform from still to storm as the central tower telescopes upward.

"The Band Concert"

The ride was inspired by the classic Mickey Mouse cartoon short, "The Band Concert." Released in 1935, it featured a frazzled Mickey trying to conduct an outdoor orchestra as Donald Duck becomes a sort of Pied Piper, leading the strings astray with his flute to play a more patriotic tune. But it all goes haywire when they strike up William Tell's "The Storm." In the mistral of minstrels, Mother Nature ties the tune in knots with her winds, landing the ever-so-dedicated players in a tree. Somehow, Donald manages to get the last note.

Let this trilling experience sweep you off your feet!

Guest Policies

  • Supervise children at all times. Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.
  • Guests must transfer from their wheelchair or Electric Conveyance Vehicle to the ride vehicle by themselves or with assistance by members of their party to experience this attraction. A transfer access vehicle is available for this attraction.
  • Service animals may not accompany Guests on this attraction.
  • Guests with young children may take turns experiencing attractions. See a Cast Member for additional information.
  • Guests between 40" and 48" must ride in a tandem swing with a responsible person. Guests who do not meet the height requirement may not ride.




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