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Looking up a Disneyland Hotel Tower with a large Sorcerer's Hat and stars in the foreground
The Fantasy Tower sign with an illustration of a child riding The Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction
In the comfort of the Disneyland Hotel room, a boy reads a Disney storybook to his mom.
A group of Guests cheer and photograph a young princess as she meets Cinderella.

 A nighttime shot of the Fantasy Tower fountains at the Disneyland Hotel entrance.
4 kids are focused on a Disney cartoon in the TV viewing area of the Disneyland Hotel lobby.
A family meets Alice and the White Rabbit.
The Adventure Tower sign with an illustration of a safari-style elephant.

Gorgeous gardens beneath the Adventure Tower at the Disneyland Hotel
Mid-20th-century modern furnishings decorate the lobby area.
A couch, chairs and table arranged for conversation in the Adventure Tower lobby
An elegant yellow glass chandelier hangs over the lobby's open stairwell.

Guests look at character maquettes and statues in glass cases on display in the lobby.
A young boy runs on the grass while his family looks on.
A wide shot of the Disneyland Hotel, one of the 3 pools and the footbridge.
Rows of lounges beneath sun umbrellas.

A very high aerial view of the Disneyland Hotel pool area.
A fraction of one Disneyland Hotel Tower is reflected in the other. The E-Ticket Pool mirrors the sky.
A pair of monorails sculpted on the top of the pool gate
Close up on a large E-Ticket at the water's surface beneath the pool's edge.

A family of 4 has fun inside the poolside retreat.
An evening shot of the E-Ticket Pool and 2 of the Disneyland Hotel Towers.
The Frontier Tower sign with an illustration of the Mark Twain Riverboat attraction.
Looking up the Frontier Tower at the Disneyland Hotel, the sun glints off the blue-tinged glass.

The lobby's waiting area is decorated with wood, leather and warm earth tones.
A family of 4 walks through the Disneyland Hotel courtyard.
A small falls fills a landscaped area near the Frontier Tower.
A fire, comfortable seating and outdoor entertainment: all at the tiki patio.

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