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Adventureland Signature Suite

A dining table in the middle of luxurious adventurer​'s living area.
Living area of Adventureland Suite.
Dining area in Disneyland Adventureland Suite.
Masks decorate an intensely red wall.

Dining area, with room for 6 Guests, in the Adventureland Suite.
Adventureland Suite living area with panoramic view.
Living area in Adventureland Suite, complete with TV and faux fireplace.
An artistic and whimsical lamp: a monkey riding an elephant, holding an umbrella that doubles as the lamp shade.

View from dining table to kitchen area.
Writing desk, surrounded by maps, globes and curios.
Wet bar, decorated with Asian and Indian influences.
Writing desk with faux zebra-print chair.

Decorative Suite pieces, like mounted butterflies and carved masks.
Claw-foot bathtub near a large window.
Living area in master bedroom with claw-foot bathtub and fireplace.
Master bedroom with netted bed, claw-foot tub and luxurious leather easy chairs.

Bed with brightly colored pillows and spread.
Brightly designed bed surrounded by linen drapes.
A plush and velvety reading nook with leopard print pillows.
Large bed, surrounded by steamer trunk tables and Adventureland artwork.

Large bed, surrounded by steamer trunk tables and Adventureland artwork.
Reflection of bed and surroundings framed in a mirror.
Artwork of elephant bathing in a fountain.
Sculpture of a monkey reading a book is actually a lamp, positioned above the latrine.

Elegantly designed master bathroom in blues, golds and warm woods.
Stone-work sinks and mirrors in African-themed art frames.
Stone-work sinks and old-fashioned-pump-looking faucet.
Copper-designed sink set on a marble counter.

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