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Pirates Of the Caribbean Signature Suite

Sign to entrance of Suite: Pirates of the Caribbean.
The living area of the suite.
Living and dining areas, complete with model pirate ship in glass case.
Large living area with pirate-themed decor and decorations.

Table and 8 chairs.
The Suite's wet bar with framed pirate portraits.
Flat-screen TV over a faux fireplace in the living area and carved wood table in dining area.
Movie poster, framed map and tiny canon.

Coffee service and a charming ice bucket on the counter top.
A vintage canopied 4-poster bed.
An overstuffed, comfortable chair and free-standing mirror near a large window with an aerial view.
2 beds and an enormous wardrobe.

Vintage, 4-poster bed and easy chair.
Vintage, 4-poster bed with plush pillows and canopy cover.
TV, lamps, dresser and pirate decorations.
Beds near a large window with a post-card view.

Pirate-themed comforter and pillow shams.
An Old-World style knocker on a weathered wood door.
Vanity and tub in natural colors.
Close up on upholstered dining chairs.

A delicately detailed chandelier.
Prop replicas from The Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Vanity and tub in natural colors.
Close up on vanity amenities.

Guest-size shampoo, conditioner and lotion.
Pirate treasure coin collection.
Replica of pirate dunking another in a well.
Close up of framed pictures and items on a display shelf.

Framed artwork from the movie Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

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