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Pools & Fun Album

Aerial shot over the Monorail Pool at Disneyland Hotel.
A view from below of water slides, platform and Disneyland sign.
A wide shot of the Disneyland Hotel, one of the 3 pools and the footbridge.
Rows of lounges beneath sun umbrellas.

An outdoor hot tub that features design elements from Minnie, like her bow.
An aerial view of the Disneyland Hotel pool and spa area.
Water from the D-Ticket pool beneath the footbridge.
A very high aerial view of the Disneyland Hotel pool area.

 Water slides and play area at the Disneyland Hotel Monorail Pool.
A girl, arms up and smiling, makes a small splash at the end of the water-slide ride at the Monorail Pool.
A fraction of one Disneyland Hotel Tower is reflected in the other. The E-Ticket Pool mirrors the sky.
The view from above shows the large circle of the spa is topped with 2 smaller circles to make Mickey's head.

A couple enjoys a calm moment in the water.
A family of 4 has fun inside the poolside retreat.
An evening shot of the D-Ticket Pool and footbridge.
An evening shot of the E-Ticket Pool and 2 of the Disneyland Hotel Towers.

Sign: Disney's Fantasia Shop
Guests look at Disney merchandise on the Fantasia Shop shelves.
Sign: Small World Gifts & Sundries
Inside the Small World Gifts & Sundries shop, a boy asks him mom to buy him a pair of Mickey ears.

Mom smiles at her boy wearing Mickey ears.
Cinderella and a young girl pose for a photo.
A couple looks into a large glass case that contains a replica of part of the Disneyland Theme Park in miniature.
Inside the Build-a-Bear shop at the Downtown Disney District.

The landscaped area contains a small-scale geyser.
A family of 4 walks through the Disneyland Hotel courtyard.
A guitarist and bassist sing songs in the twilight.
Close up on musicians performing

Nighttime view from one Disneyland Hotel tower to the other two, and all in between.

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