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Tangaroa Terrace Album

Entrance to Tangaroa Terrace restaurant
Tempting close up of the delicious dish.
A breakfast burrito with a side of potatoes.
Close-up shot of glistening bacon and fluffy eggs.

A server carries a tray with a burger, salad and side.
Signature burger with a side of sweet potato fries.
Close up on the pizza crust.
Chefs add the finishing touches to a dish.

An Island Plate Dinner of tamarind-glazed island pork shanks.
Guests enjoying a meal on the outdoor patio near the sign,
Chefs at Tangaroa Terrace add the finishing touches to a dish.
Close up of pork dish

Close up of omelette
Close up of large pizza
Close up of chicken bits and salad
Close up of Hawaiian cheeseburger with teriyaki sauce.

A family, seated inside the restaurant, is served fresh fare.
A guitarist and bassist sing songs in the twilight.
Close up on musicians performing.
A night shot of the entrance to the restaurant.

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