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Tarzan's Treehouse™

Tarzan's Treehouse tells the story of Tarzan's wild jungle upbringing and showcases his improvised living conditions. Tour Tarzan's home, built high in an 80-foot-tall tree, and see what it's like to live on the wild side!

The Tree

The 150-ton mammoth tree has 450 branches containing over 6,000 leaves. Its scientific name is Disneydendron semperflorens grandis or "large ever-blooming Disney tree." As you near the top, you're treated to astonishingly beautiful views of Adventureland far below you.

Overgrown with vines and constructed with salvaged parts from Tarzan's parents' shipwreck, the tree house features vignettes from Tarzan's life story. Look for illustrations from Jane's sketchbook that provide the details of how Tarzan was saved from the savage Sabor, raised by a kindly gorilla and fell in love.

Base Camp

Once you've experienced the tree house, you're invited to investigate Jane's collection of scientific equipment and improvised cooking gear at the base of the tree. Inspect a magic lantern, play with musical pots, and pull vines for a delightful assortment of fun surprises.

Guest Policies

  • Supervise children at all times. Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.
  • Wheelchair Access: This attraction requires Guests to navigate a continuous series of narrow, winding stairs. To enter, proceed through the interactive area by requesting the assistance of a Cast Member at the entrance of Pirates of the Caribbean.

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