New Orleans Square Mardi Gras

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Trumpet player and jazz band in a parade during the New Orleans Bayou Bash and Mardi Gras event

New Orleans Square Mardi Gras

The streets of New Orleans in Disneyland Park come alive with Southern-inspired music and celebratory sights!

The Spirit of the 'Big Easy' in New Orleans Square

Stroll along the river and enjoy the delightfully jazzy sounds of New Orleans.

Jambalaya Jazz Band

Tap your feet and clap along with this jubilant Mardi Gras-style street band, performing the lively tunes of New Orleans.

Royal Street Bachelors

Come to the French Market Stage to bask in the cool blues sound and special charm of the Bachelors.

The Bootstrappers

Join up with this pirate band as they sing of their buccaneer ways and adventures at sea.

Entertainment and schedules are subject to change without notice.

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