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Napa Rose

The menu: Napa Rose Disney's Grand Californian Hotel
A sommelier recommends a wine to a couple dining at Napa Rose.
Wide shot of the restaurant's walls lined with wine bottles.
A server pours champagne for a seated couple.

Close up of a cluster of grapes in a decorative wooden box.
A couple, enjoying an evening out, discuss the delicious dinner selections on the menu.
A beautifully plated meat dish
A plate of gorgeous scallops

A couple seated at the table smiles while reviewing the menu and listening to the server answer their questions.
A chef artfully arranges a specialty dish.
Close up of seared and crusted ahi tuna steak and sides.
A bright orange plate contains small tastes of sushi and exquisite appetizers.

Chopped fruit salad topped with fresh sprigs of mint.
Beautifully plated stuffed ravioli pillows beneath buttered sage leaves.
A server assists a woman with her order by pointing to a popular menu selection.
Braised lamb shank

Pan Roasted Petit Filet Mignon
Andrew Sutton smiles and stands between a couple while they dine and have a good time.
Close up on roasted venison loin
The glowing rose color within a cut braised lamb shank

A man smiles while he takes a forkful of salad from his date's plate.
A rose-shaped, hand-blown-glass light fixture
A server points to the bottom of a menu a man is holding while seated at the table.
Close up of a decadent chocolate dessert topped with fresh mint leaves

A tower of berries at the base, a light cake, fresh whipped cream and a sprig of mint.
In the foreground the light and sunny dessert, in the background a happy couple finishing their evening with coffee and conversation.
A happy couple raise their glasses of white wine to each other.

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