Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel

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Family and Signature Suites

The dining table seats 6 and the living area has plenty of plush seating.
High bar chairs are positioned by the counter, which is near the living area.
Beneath a large window that frames the view is a wood table and 2 chairs.
The bar is stocked with coffee service, a coffee maker, bar glasses and an ice bucket.

The wood table by the window has a matching wood checkers and chess board.
The beach themed continues in the living area with rattan furniture and bright patterns.
Coffee mugs are lined up on the bar and ready for the morning.
A delightful desk lamp has a base with Mickey Mouse on a life guard's chair.

A king-size bed, sleeper sofa and lots of large windows to see the views.
Close up on the sleeper sofa, near the king-size bed.
2 vanities, a large mirror, a shower stall, a bath tub and plenty of cabinet space.
View of the sleeper sofa near the window with a view of the sunset.

Plush couches face a large console with television, microwave and bar items.
In the room: 2 queen-size beds, a large sleeping sofa, a large cabinet with dresser drawers and space for television.
A surfboard-inspired drink table sits near bright blue and green curtains and a sun-yellow computer table.
Details on a desk lamp: on the shade, Mickey's silhouette and on the base, a miniature lighthouse motif.

A yellow computer table beneath a mirror in a sun-shaped frame sit near a large window with a Theme Park view.
Close up on the fabric of a chair with a blue-and-green beach-ball print.
In the room: 2 queen-size beds decorated with beach-ball pillows.
From some Malibu suites, see the sights from the nearby Theme Park.

The shower curtain with surfboard design is reflected in the bathroom mirror.
Guest-size bottles of toiletries and Disney's Paradise Pier products.
Guest-size bottles of shampoo and body wash.
Dining table and chairs are positioned near a window with a Theme Park view.

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