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Bluetooth® Technology – Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and how is it used at the Disneyland Resort?


Bluetooth technology is a communication standard designed for short-range data exchange between devices. You may be familiar with it as it is commonly a feature in mobile phones, smart watches and even cars. BLE is a form of Bluetooth communication that requires only low power consumption, which is ideal for some kinds of device-to-device communication that only require small amounts of information to be sent or received.

Select locations throughout Disneyland Resort (the "Resort") include BLE beacons, which are small radio transmitters. These BLE beacons may communicate with certain other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as mobile phones or "smart" devices that have Bluetooth capability. The exchange of information is designed to allow you to enable certain interactive or personalized experiences and to improve the Guest experience.

Guests can visit the Resort without using BLE; however, certain features of the Resort experience are dependent upon BLE, including some personalized offerings. To participate using your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, (1) download the Disneyland app or the Play Disney Parks app (collectively "Disneyland Parks apps") to your mobile device and (2) enable Bluetooth services using your device settings. Certain personalized experiences may also require that Guests be signed in to their Disney account on the app. For other BLE-enabled products, including, for example, Astromech Droid Units or Made with Magic Connected Ear Hats, the device will automatically enable the Bluetooth technology when the device is turned on.

Guests can enjoy our theme parks without using BLE-enabled devices or products. Guests who have one or more Disneyland Parks apps on their mobile devices but do not want to receive interactive or personalized experiences based on interaction with such apps may disable the Bluetooth functionality on their device or disable the location permission for the installed Disneyland Parks apps while visiting the parks. Guests who have the Astromech Droid Units but do not want to receive interactive or personalized experiences based on interactions with the Droid may power off their Droid while visiting the parks. Note that an Astromech Droid Unit may interact with other Astromech Droid Units outside of the Resort if both units are turned on.

The BLE beacons are not GPS-based and do not enable collection of continuous location signals.

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