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Pixar Play Parade

Jessie smiles from Toy Story float in the Pixar Play Parade

Disney California Adventure Park

Disneyland Resort

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Preschoolers, Kids, Tweens, Teens, Adults, All Ages


45 minutes

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Pixar Pals

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  • Entertainment schedules may not occur daily and are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please check the Entertainment Schedule or the Entertainment Times Guide at the Main Entrance upon your arrival.

Disney·Pixar movie stars and their friends—including Inside Out—are ready to play: 5, 4, 3, 2… It’s a countdown to fun!

Three of the five Emotions from Disney•Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ Pre-Parade at Disney California Adventure Park ride atop a parade float

New Inside Out Pre-Parade – Feel the Fun!

Get a “head” start on the Pixar Play Parade with your 5 favorite Emotions from Inside Out!

This summer, travel from your head to your heart as The Disneyland Resort proudly celebrates the debut of the new Disney·Pixar film Inside Out with a special, pre-parade show including appearances by the movie’s Emotions: Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger and Disgust!

Watch as the Emotions and their crazy, colorful world—including wacky Mind Workers—experience the sights, sounds, smells and excitement of Disney California Adventure Park! What could possibly be more exciting-scary-funny-sad-happy-annoying-hilarious—and fun?

Inside Out tells the humorous and heartwarming story of Riley, a young girl who has just moved to a scary new town. The film takes moviegoers inside her mind, where the 5 Emotions are hard at work in Headquarters guiding Riley through life’s challenges.

Don’t miss Inside Out in theaters now—be sure to check it out in 3D!

Sign for Pixar Play Parade at Disney California Adventure Park

Floats Full of Surprises

Five floats from fantastic films feature puppets, performers and Disney·Pixar Characters—plus, fun touches like bubbles and water sprays.

Play along! Get ready to dance to spirited music, be awed by spectacular performers and see so many Disney·Pixar Pals.

Characters and Floats
Leading the parade, you may find the lovable Characters—including a baton-twirling Roz, a drum-beating Sully and a wise-cracking Mike—from Monsters, Inc.

Following the citizens of Monstropolis are The Incredibles with their impressive float that’s overtaken by a large replica of Syndrome's Omnidroid. Dynamite dancers on spring-loaded stilts get the crowd clapping and keep the energy “high.” 

Crush and his friends—Marlin, Nemo, Dory, Squirt and baby turtles—from Finding Nemo might come next, accompanied by choreographed puppeteers with colorful fish who look like they’re swimming under water.

After seeing life at sea, the small stars of A Bug’s Life appear on an enormous scale, with Heimlich in front. Flik, Atta, Dot and Slim are usually showcased on this float—the longest in the parade.

Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jesse, Rex and more from the Toy Story films arrive for the finale. Be amazed by the acrobats who swing and flip upside down as the float rolls by.

Will I Get Wet?
Throughout the year, almost every float generates streams of bubbles.

During warm weather, you might get misted or sprayed with water from an android, baby turtles or maybe from a green caterpillar with a water-squirting flower.

The Incredibles' family ride hover crafts to escape the evil Omnidroid in this popular parade

Top Spots on the Parade Route

Pick your spot and “join the party” along the route that runs about the length of Disney California Adventure Park!

Pixar Play Parade can be viewed along the parade route, known as the Performance Corridor, from the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to Silly Symphony Swings.

Better Visibility
Viewing stations that offer better visibility are in Hollywood Land, Pacific Wharf and Paradise Pier.

Check near Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta for possible last-minute spots near show time. 


Saturday, July 04, 2015

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