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Bluetooth® Technology – Frequently Asked Questions


What information does the Disneyland Resort collect through Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and how is this information used?


BLE beacons at locations within the Disneyland Resort (the “Resort”) communicate with the Disneyland app or the Play Disney Parks app (collectively, “Disneyland Parks apps”) on your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device and certain other BLE-enabled devices or products, such as the Astromech Droid Units (collectively “your BLE-enabled devices”) to trigger certain effects or experiences on your BLE-enabled devices.

In addition, your BLE-enabled devices may also broadcast data that, when received by our BLE beacons, may allow us to provide other interactive or personalized experiences. For example, when you use the Play Disney Parks app at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, certain functions performed with the app may trigger physical effects in the land. Our BLE beacons may also receive data broadcast by your BLE-enabled devices to determine your relative position and enable certain personalized experiences.

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