Adventures by Disney Offers a World of Ways to Stay Connected

Adventures by Disney Offers a World of Ways to Stay Connected

If you've got a computer or a smartphone, you've got Adventures by Disney at your fingertips. That's because the Disney guided family travel provider can be found darn near anywhere on the Internet—from their official website to My Disney Adventure, to Facebook and even the Walt Disney World Resort Moms Panel.

Wait. What? The Walt Disney World Resort Moms Panel? Yep. That's right. Just like you and me, Adventures by Disney has a mom. Well, maybe not exactly like you and me, but Moms Panel member and new Adventures by Disney Mom, Jill C. wants the same thing for us that our own mothers do: she wants us to be happy.

Moms know best

"I applied to the Moms Panel because I know what an incredibly powerful vacation planning tool it is," explains Jill, a self-described "teacher, college counselor and incurable Disney fan" in her introduction video. And she speaks from experience, too. In addition to her family's Adventures by Disney vacation to Germany, Jill has been a regular Disney Parks visitor since she was six years old, and she's a Disney Vacation Club Member. So you should pay close attention when she gives you advice. And sit up straight while you're at it!

"When we were going on our Adventures by Disney trip, we had some questions that we needed to resolve before we booked," said Jill. "We had never traveled outside the country with our child and we had never traveled to a country where they spoke a language we were unfamiliar with. So, we went to the Moms Panel with some questions and the Adventures by Disney Specialist on the Moms Panel answered them. It was the best decision my family has ever made."

Getting you where you want to go

So, let's say, you want to find out more about Adventures by Disney vacations. You can start by going to the Adventures by Disney website, select the region of the world you're interested in visiting, find out where Adventures by Disney can take you—to places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Italy and even China—as well as view sample itineraries and check upcoming departure dates.

Next, visit My Disney Adventure and see what other people who have taken an Adventures by Disney vacation have to say about it—and maybe even pick up a tip or two. The community is categorized by region, so you can ask questions specific to the destination you're planning on visiting.

Then, go see Jill at the Walt Disney World Resort Moms Panel. She'll fill you in on more details and gladly answer any questions you want to post—like where's a good place to enjoy lunch in Heidelberg with your 8-year-old?

While you're at it, why not become a fan of the official Adventures by Disney Facebook Page? That way you can get updates, news and the inside scoop on all things Adventures by Disney.

Don't forget to write!

When you return from your Adventures by Disney vacation, be sure to revisit your favorite sites and share your own tips, tales and "you've got to try this" experiences.

You can even upload your favorite photo or video memories from your vacation at My Disney Adventure. After all, when it comes to making unforgettable memories, Adventures by Disney has a world of experience!

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