The A-B-Cs of Disney FASTPASS Service

The A-B-Cs of Disney FASTPASS Service

Perhaps the greatest thing since the "E" Ticket, Disney FASTPASS Service has changed the way we experience Disney Parks—or at least some of our favorite attractions in those Parks.

What began as a test program at Space Mountain in Disneyland Park back in 1999 has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular, convenience services offered at Disney Parks. And to think it all started here at The Happiest Place on Earth!

A: Available at select attractions

So how does an attraction get to be a FASTPASS attraction? We asked Abel Garay, Reporting Assistant for Global Park Operations, and, judging by his answer, it's definitely a decision that's been given a lot of thought.

"Our industrial engineers evaluate expected demand for attractions, location capacities, area impacts and traffic, proximity to other existing FASTPASS locations and overall Guest experience," Abel told us. "More importantly is the value the service provides to our Guests. We've learned that not all locations should offer Disney FASTPASS Service, and creating an experience that adds value is carefully taken into account."

So, what does the future hold for Disney FASTPASS Service? Abel filled us in: "Radiator Spring Racers in the new Cars Land (inspired by Disney•Pixar's Cars movies and opening in 2012 in Disney California Adventure Park)is planned to open with Disney FASTPASS Service," he said. "There are plans to enhance the overall Guest experience and make the service more available, but all the details are still being worked out."

B: Better get 'em early

When it comes to scoring a FASTPASS ticket for one of your favorite attractions, one rule applies: the earlier, the better.

"Usually the popular attractions—like Space Mountain and Soarin' Over California—will distribute all of their FASTPASS tickets first," Abel pointed out. "But it can vary depending on other factors. For example, Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run are likely to be very popular on a hot summer day. So, it's really based on demand and Park attendance for that specific day."

And if you were wondering if it's possible to get a FASTPASS ticket for World of Color, the nighttime water spectacular in Disney California Adventure Park, the answer is "yes." But, again, it's best to act fast!

"As always with our newer attractions and shows, Disney FASTPASS Service is driven by demand," Abel explained. "In the case of World of Color, it's no surprise that the demand is high—especially as the nights get warmer. I recommend getting your FASTPASS ticket as early as possible in the morning."

C: Collect 'em in both Parks

Now, if you want a really hot tip, listen to this. Abel told us that there is somewhat of a "loophole" in the one-attraction-at-a-time rule for Disney FASTPASS Service.

"This is what's great about Disney FASTPASS Service," he said. "The rule applies to each Park separately. So, if your plans take you to Disneyland Park first and then over to Disney California Adventure Park, you'll be able to get a second FASTPASS ticket there."

So, you see, it pays to know your Disney FASTPASS Service A-B-Cs!

*Disney FASTPASS® Service is subject to restrictions and change without notice. Valid Theme Park admission is required to use this service.

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