A large, golden glowing mural of the deity Mara at the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction

New Eyes of Mara Curse Unleashed on Indiana Jones Adventure

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January 8, 2014

A large, golden glowing mural of the deity Mara at the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction
The Eyes of Mara hold great mysteries—look deep into them… if you dare! Plus, download the special Indiana Jones Adventure Decoder to unlock secret messages scrawled on the walls of the treacherous temple.
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Unlock Mysterious Messages

As you walk through the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction queue—in anticipation of your action-packed adventure—be sure to observe the unusual markings scrawled on the walls of the treacherous Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

Discover what these markings mean!

  • Download the special Indiana Jones Adventure Decoder image 
    [Download as PDF] 
    [View as JPG] 
  • Match the symbols on the wall to the ones in the downloaded image 
  • Spell out—letter by letter—secret messages and warnings left behind by past explorers, archaeologists, thrill seekers and those who have narrowly escaped the temple's curse 

You'll never look at Mara the same way again!

 Board your vehicle and be transported through a portal that leads, by chance, to one of 3 mysterious chambers:

  • Fountain of Youth 
  • Chamber of Earthly Riches 
  • Observatory of the Future 

At the entrance of each chamber, the formidable face of magnificent Mara looms in front of you. Innovative special effects across the mystical Eyes of Mara reflect the powerful gifts this supreme being—according to temple lore—is able to grant to those "pure of heart": eternal youth, unlimited wealth and future knowledge.

 Depending on which chamber you've entered, you may find yourself asking:

 How does time affect such a powerful and ancient deity?

  • Does glorious, glittering gold bring happiness or tears? 
  • What perils and surprises lie ahead? 

If eyes are windows, look deep into Mara's haunting soul—but only if you dare!

Dig Some History

The design for the Indiana Jones Adventure Decoder downloadable image is duplicated from the decoders that were distributed to Guests when Indiana Jones Adventure premiered in 1994.

From that moment to today, this thrilling attraction wows Disney visitors from all over the world and frequently lands on families' "must-do" lists.

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