Take a 360° Tour of the World of Color nighttime spectacular

Take a 360° view of the World of Color nighttime spectacular

  • Grid Fountains – With great precision, Grid Fountains can shoot up to 40 feet into the air, straight up and down. Over 600 grid nozzles are positioned 8 feet apart, covering the entire underwater platform for World of Color.
  • Chaser Fountains – Over 400 Chaser Fountains create lightning-fast effects, using rapid up-and-down "chase" nozzles that react with meticulous timing.
  • Single Water Whip Fountains – 79 Single Water Whips are featured in the show. Graceful and elegant, each fountain features an independently moving head, which can sway in any direction.
  • Dual Water Whip Fountains – 60 Dual Water Whips make up the expansive, 400-foot projection surface at the back of the underwater platform
  • Butterflies – Four exquisite "Butterfly Fountains" add to the beauty of World of Color with wing-like action that flutters just above the water's surface like a butterfly.
  • Dancer Fountains – Six Dancer Fountains make appearances in the show, gracefully intertwining streams of water with their swirling dual nozzles.
  • Blow Pop Fountains – 10 Blow Pop Fountains add drama and excitement by firing "cannon shots" of water. Each "Blow Pop" launches 40 gallons at once, resulting in a gigantic "pop" sound.

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