World of Color – Limited Release Mystery Pin Set

A pin-shaped circular sign outside a shop features Mickey Mouse and reads: Pin Trading Disneyland

Disney Design Group has been busy once again, with several of its 30 artists busily creating new Pins for a November release—themed around the celebrated World of Color.

In case you haven't seen it yet, the World of Color is a brilliantly vibrant water show where water forms fanciful shapes and images of characters come to life on a veil of mist.

In this nighttime spectacular at Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure Park, Guests can wear Glow with the Show Ear Hats that change colors in sync with the soaring soundtrack as well as with the kaleidoscopic shades and shapes—which are presented in ever-transforming cascades of light.

Check it out during the holidays when a visually stunning holiday water spectacular is presented: World of Color – Winter Dreams! Commemorate this remarkable event with a special holiday booster Pin Set featuring Disney's Frozen. There will also be an Open Edition Frozen Pin and one Limited Edition Pin—with beloved Olaf inside a snow globe-style Pin!

Whatever time of year you see it, this water extravaganza produces an ephemeral glow. And that essence is exactly what's captured in the new Limited Release Pins created to celebrate the World of Color.

Characters Galore

Some long-awaited characters emerge with these new Pins—as well as some perennial favorites! Simba and Rapunzel are included in this group, as are The Little Mermaid, Buzz Lightyear, the Cheshire Cat from Disney's Alice in Wonderland, the Genie from Disney's Aladdin, Wall•E and, of course, Mickey Mouse.

Making a Splash

Inspired by the water itself, Disney Design Group's Graphic Designer Susan Foy had an idea. As she began to design a Pin for World of Color, she asked Merchandiser Jeanne Lewis, "What if we could make the Pin look like this…?"

Susan had fashioned a World of Color Pin made of a bubble dome surrounding the art. It was a transparent, translucent homage to water itself!

Jeanne was delighted by such a beautiful concept—but cautious. She immediately called Disney's manufacturing experts and asked plaintively, "Can we even do this?"

The answer was an enthusiastic yes! And so began the process of creating the delicate and intricate design of the World of Color Pins.

And guess what? This wonderful design is only the beginning of the excitement…

Introducing the Super Chaser

Chasers are special because they are of a different color than the Pin set and also sometimes a surprise in a Mystery Pin set. They are always limited in number.

With World of Color, not only will the latest release Mystery Pins have Chasers with edition sizes of 600 each, but for the first time ever, there will be a Super Chaser—with an edition size of 400!

And as exciting as this news is, there is more we would like to tell you about these Super Chasers but can't—it's so top secret! All we can say is: the thrill of the hunt just got more thrilling!

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