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The Disneyland Resort is committed to providing access to as many Guests as possible and provides select accommodations for mobility disabilities, hearing disabilities, visual disabilities and service animals.

Printable documents containing additional details are available at the bottom of this page.

Mobility Disabilities

The Disneyland Resort offers accommodations for Guests with mobility disabilities, including providing access to most attractions and offering rental wheelchairs and Electric Conveyance Vehicles (ECVs).

Hearing Disabilities

Assistive Listening systems, Reflective Captioning, Sign Language interpretation, Text Typewriter telephones, Handheld Captioning, Video Captioning and written aids are available to help Guests with hearing disabilities to enjoy the Disneyland Resort.

Visual Disabilities

Audio Description devices, Braille guidebooks and digital audio tours are available to help Guests with visual disabilities.

Cognitive Disabilities

Information regarding your trip to the Disneyland Resort with Guests with cognitive disabilities can be found in our Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities.

Accessibility at the Disneyland Resort Hotels

Select hotel rooms provide mobility and/or hearing accessibility for Guests with Disabilities staying at the Disneyland Resort Hotels.

Some hotel rooms at the Disneyland Resort are designed for wheelchair accessibility, and have grab bars at toilet and tub or shower. Other rooms come equipped with communication features, such as visual alarms and alerts. All accessible hotel rooms at the Disneyland Resort offer these communication features as an option at the time of booking.

Service Animals

Trained service animals are welcome in most locations throughout the Disneyland Resort; however, all service animals should remain on a leash or harness at all times. Cast Members are not permitted to handle service animals. Attractions at the Disneyland Resort are accessible to Guests with service animals via the standard queue.

Lighting Sensitivity

Should you or any member of your party have a photosensitivity or seizure disorder, we recommend that you check with your personal physician for specific instructions before visiting the Disneyland Resort.

Specialty lighting and other visual effects are used extensively. Lighting effects include strobe lights and other pulsating lighting effects, as well as:

  • Exterior building accents (e.g., strobe-like effects incorporated in outdoor signs)
  • Dance club lighting (e.g., mirror balls, flashing and spinning dance floor lights, among others)
  • Other attraction and show effects (e.g., simulated lightning, explosions and chaser lights)

Entertainment, events and performances are continuously changing, and their show environments can vary throughout the day, making it impossible to list all possible lighting combinations. Therefore we are unable to give a definitive listing of strobe or lighting effects that may cause you concern.

Wheelchair and ECV Accessibility on Disneyland Resort Transportation

Many Disneyland Resort transportation systems are accessible to Guests with disabilities. All bus and tram routes are serviced by vehicles that can accommodate various types of wheelchairs and Electric Conveyance Vehicles (ECVs). A van equipped with a wheelchair lift is available to transport Guests between the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure and the Downtown Disney District, which is adjacent to both theme parks. For all Disneyland Resort transportation options, wheelchairs and ECVs must fit without being forced on lifts, ramps and in designated wheelchair spaces. Once in the vehicle, wheelchairs and ECVs must be able to be securely fastened via restraints.

Accessible and Companion Restrooms

Restrooms at the theme parks offer facilities designed for access by Guests with mobility disabilities. Companion-assisted restroom facilities are also available at various locations in each theme park.

First Aid locations in the theme parks have restroom facilities that provide additional space and privacy for individuals who may need personal care assistance from a member of their party.


Parking for Guests with disabilities is available throughout the Disneyland Resort, including the Mickey and Friends parking structure and the Toy Story parking area off of Harbor Boulevard. A valid disability parking permit is required.

Guests should follow directional signage or inquire at the toll plazas for parking options. Standard parking rates apply at all parking lots. Transportation is provided from the Mickey and Friends parking structure and the Toy Story parking area to the Main Entry Plaza. Please note: oversized wheelchairs, Electric Conveyance Vehicles and scooters may be too large for some of our transportation.

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