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Disney Flex Passport Terms and Conditions

For the Disney Flex Passport, dates may be:

  • “Good to Go” – Theme park admission is available on these dates without a reservation (subject to capacity).
  • “Reservation Required” – An advance reservation is required to enter a park on these dates.
  • “Reservation Unavailable” – A reservation is required to enter a park on these dates, but the maximum number of reservations for the park has been reached.
  • “Blockout Dates” – Admission is not available on these dates.

“Reservation Required” Dates

  • Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance of your visit, and can be made for one or both theme parks, subject to availability.
  • Up to 2 reservations can be made per passport during a 30-day window. If you hold 2 reservations during a 30-day window, you’ll be able to make another reservation once your first reservation date has passed or if you cancel an existing reservation.
  • Reservations can be made online by visiting the My Annual Passports page or by using the Disneyland app and visiting “Tickets and Passes”.
  • Reservations may be made for any Disney Flex Passport linked to your Disney account.
  • Reservations may not be modified. Changing a reservation to a different date will require cancellation of the original reservation and rebooking of a new date, subject to availability on such date.
  • The number of reservations for each “Reservation Required” date is limited and subject to availability.


Passholders who are a “no show” for 3 reservations in a 90-day window will be unable to make new reservations for 30 days. However, they can still enter a park on a “Good to Go” date, subject to capacity.

  • The 30-day period begins the day after the third “no-show.”
  • If you enter the park for which you have a reservation at any time before closing on the day of the reservation, you will not be considered a “no-show.”
  • If the reservation is for both parks, you only need to enter one to avoid being a “no-show.”
  • If you timely cancel a reservation, you will also not be considered a “no-show.”


  • Cancellation of a reservation or the removal of individual Passholders from a reservation must be done by 11:59 PM PT on the day before the reserved date.
  • To cancel a reservation or remove individual Passholders online, visit the My Annual Passports page, or use the Disneyland app and visit “Tickets and Passes”.
  • If you cancel a reservation, please note that new reservations are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.

Additional Terms

  • If a passport is suspended or revoked, the Passholder will be unable to make new reservations during such time. Additionally, existing reservations may be cancelled.
  • If a Passholder defaults on any payment due under an applicable monthly payment contract, the Passholder will be unable to make new reservations until all payments due and owing under such contract are paid in full.
Rules and policies regarding the Disney Flex Passport are subject to change without notice.

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